Freight transport and logistics: Dangerous goods law, securing loads, criminal and administrative offences in transport of goods

ICON Transporttrecht

My practice is the right one to consult on questions of:

  • National and international dangerous goods law for the transport of dangerous goods (road, rail, inland waterway, maritime and aviation)
  • Organising and fulfilling in-company obligations under dangerous goods law
  • Responsibility for adequate securing of loads (dangerous, non-dangerous goods)

My practice is also the right one to consult should you or your company be concerned about the following accusations as possible criminal or administrative offences or if charges have already been brought in this regard.

  • Endangering persons or objects, injuring persons or damaging objects, in connection with freight transports, in particular when resulting from violations of dangerous goods law or inadequate securing of loads
  • General violations of the provisions of dangerous goods law without concrete endangering persons or objects, injuring persons or damaging objects
  • Violation of provisions governing securing of loads (dangerous, non-dangerous goods)
  • Excessive loads on vehicles
  • Violation of the provisions of road haulage law
  • You are also worried about reliability problems resulting from conviction of a criminal or administrative offence (e.g. recognition as specialist waste management company in case of violations under hazardous goods law) or endorsements in the register of fitness to drive (formerly register of traffic offenders) in Flensburg/Germany in case of load securing or excessive load violations