Environmental criminal law and environmental administrative offences, torts in connection with technical installations

ICON Umweltschutz

My practice is the right one to consult should you or your company be concerned about the following accusations as possible criminal or administrative offences or if charges have already been brought in this regard.

  • Impairment of soil, air, ground water or running water through unlawful business operations, e.g. by exceeding maximum permissible values or operating without the necessary permit or exceeding the imposed limits; violations of permit conditions
  • Unlawful industrial noise
  • The collection, transport, storage, treatment, recycling and disposal of waste and trading in or brokering waste in violation of environmental rules, in particular
    • Without the permit necessary for the purpose, or exceeding the imposed limits
    • violation of permit conditions
    • breach of obligation to provide evidence (disposal certificate, chain of custody records)
  • Unauthorised cross-border transport of hazardous or non-hazardous waste from Germany to other countries, from other countries to Germany or in transit through Germany
  • Violations of the provisions of German emission control law, water law, chemicals law (REACH), hazardous substances law and conservation law
  • Operation of technical installations where health and safety regulations have been contravened (e.g. regarding the safety of lift systems requiring monitoring)
  • You are also worried about reliability problems resulting from conviction for a criminal or administrative offence (e.g. recognition as specialist waste management company, waste manage